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Terms and conditions of use

Click&Roll is an application whose purpose is to help identify, according to certain criteria, the products in the Rollon range that are likely to correspond to your intended use. The list of products offered by the application only takes into consideration the criteria selected by the user in the “FILTER” section.

The choice of a product may also depend on other parameters not requested (surface tolerance, explosive atmosphere, etc.). It is up to you to check whether the proposals are suitable for your intended use and to choose one of them.

In general, the choice of a product must be confirmed by a professional specialist in Rollon products. It may also be necessary to test products for use in non-standard environments.

The application is used under the sole responsibility of the user. Rollon cannot be held responsible for the use of the application.

The application is the intellectual property of Rollon. Any reproduction or copy, even partial, made without authorization may result in prosecution.

Data provided by users

Users provide the following data required to create their account:
-first name
-email address
In addition, searches made on the tool are archived.

Use of collected data
Data is collected for the purposes of running the application:
– To help the user in the use of the application.
– Find his previous research
– Alert the user in case of malfunctioning
– Communicating product information to users

Data processing and storage duration

The data entered by users is kept by Rollon for the duration of the account opening. This data is not passed on to third parties.
An inactive account will be deactivated after a period of 1 year and its personal data will be deleted.
Under “LINKS”, the user may click on “Forget-Me-Not” to close the account that gives him access to the application and permanently delete the user account and associated personal data.