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Mono Rail
Ball Recirculating

Re-circulating ball bearings linear guide with high load capacity and rigidity


Linear Line

15 20 25 30 35 40 45

The essential

  • LM guide with very high load carrying capacity, accuracy and rigidity
  • The exploitation of its technical potential requires rigid, precise mounting surfaces and the use of 12-9 quality fixing screws.
  • Linear accuracy of less than 0.025 mm for a rail length of 1000 m
  • The main dimensions of the Monorail correspond to the market standard.
  • Interchangeability with other manufacturers possible
  • Joint Processed rail possible (machining of the ends). Several preload classes possible for the LM block

Technical data


Block   Cdyn (N)     Co (N)  Mx (N.m)  My (N.m)  Mz (N.m)
    MRS15      8500     13500      100        68       68
    MRS25     19500     32000      368      228     228
    MRS35     38500     62000     1054      620     620
    MRS45     65000   105000     2363     1378    1378


Operating temperature range between -10°C and +60°C

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