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Easyslide 22

Compact and "cost effective" miniature ball cage guide with high load capacities


Linear Line


The essential

  • The best space/load capacity ratio of the “Linear Line” range
  • Compact design for high load capacity applications with space constraints Hardened raceways.
  • The large width of the rail allows a strong positioning of the rail on its support
  • Fixing screws (ex:M6 in size 35) designed to achieve more precise mounting
  • Linear accuracy of 0.1 mm/m. 10.9 quality fixing screws recommended
  • Only suitable for horizontal mounting. Rails not joinable

Technical data

Anti-corrosion materials and protections

Rail and slider made of cold-drawn rolling bearing steel coated with electrolytic zinc plating Induction hardened raceways

Options also available: Chemical nickel plating of the rail, stainless steel balls for increased corrosion protection

Load capacity

   Block Co rad(N) Co ax (N) Mx (N.m) My (N.m) Mz (N.m)
 SN22-290       9750       6699       32,2        324       463



Operating temperature range between -20°C and +130°C

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