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Hardened Curviline
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Hardened Curviline

Hardened curvilinear roller guide


Linear Line

16,5 23

The essential

  • Linear roller guide combining linear and circular movements of different radius
  • Version with hardened track rails for improved endurance and shock resistance
  • Possibility to realize only circular motion sections
  • Preload of the base plate is maintained over the entire length of the rail even in the case of complex movements
  • The rollers can, for example, be mounted directly on the mobile equipment, thus avoiding the overthickness of the shoe body.
  • Special layouts can be made to measure.
  • Operating temperature range from -20°C to +80°C

Technical data


Rail available in widths 16.5 and 23 mm.

Maximum extended length of the rail: 3,240 mm

Anti-corrosion materials and protections

Version: galvanized steel with hardened raceways (rail material: C43 and Fe360 for the shoe body, 100Cr6 rollers). On request, higher corrosion protection can be achieved by FDA-approved (Food & Drugs Administration) chemical nickel plating.

Main recommendations

In the case of non-centred loads or applied forces, the moments generated must be compensated for by using two guides mounted in parallel and equipped with several runners

For reduced production times, use the predefined radius in the catalogue, with the possibility of custom radius if required

Rail joint not recommended

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