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Tecline PAR
Rack & Pinion

Tecline PAR

Self-supported axis for strokes from 3 to 50 m


Actuator Line

170 200 220 230 280 360

The essential

  • Movement made by a roller carriage running on two hardened steel prismatic rails and a rack and pinion system with hardened and ground helical teeth
  • Linear unit made to order with customized stroke
  • Technical file with calculation notice supplied on request
  • Suitable for both mounting configurations of two axes in parallel or single-axis
  • In single-axis configuration, to be reserved for medium load cases with little overhang
  • Very good repeatability even over very long lengths
  • Integrated cable carrier chain and duct available. Possibility of several independent carriage
  • Pivot with axial play present on the carriage for compensating parallelism defects and for absorbing the angular defect generated by the bending of the profile
  • Numerous mechanical options available: detector support, automatic lubrication, vertical blocker, anti-fall safety device…
  • Connection interfaces available for creating “Pick & Place” multi-axis

Technical data


Unit: mm PAR 170 PAR 200 PAR 220 PAR 230 PAR 280 PAR 360
Height/Width  170×120 200×120 220×120 230×120 280×170 360×200
Max. stroke 11100 11100 11050 11400 10800 10800
Spécial stroke Illimitée
Max. repetability +/- 0,05 +/- 0,05 +/- 0,05 +/- 0,05 +/- 0,05 +/- 0,1

Main recommendations

Rigid self-supporting axis. Aluminium profile with very high inertia moment value allowing spacing of pillar up to 6 m

Easy assembly and positioning of pillar supporting profile. “Free” fixing in aluminium profile groove

In resources

Lubricating the rack of Tecline linear axes
Lubricating the rack of Tecline linear axes

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