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Speedy Rail SAB

Self-supported axis with polyamide-coated rollers. Speed up to 15 m/s


Actuator Line

60 120 180 250

The essential

  • Movement realized by a roller carriage and self-supporting aluminium rail with toothed belt drive
  • Customized stroke. Linear unit made to order
  • Technical file with calculation notice supplied on request
  • Linear unit without lubrication and “zero maintenance”.
  • Self-supporting beam rail hard anodized at 62 HRC over a depth of 15 µm
  • To be reserved for “single-axis” type configurations under moderate load with little overhang
  • Extremely quiet, lightweight, easy to assemble and modular

Technical data


Unit: mm
SAB 60
SAB 120
SAB 180
SAB 250
Type of roller Ve Ve/Cylind. Ve/Cylind. Cylindrique
Profile width/height 60×20 120×40 180×60 250×180
Max. working stroke 6700 7020 7150 7090
Max. repetability +/- 0,2 +/- 0,2 +/- 0,2 +/- 0,2

Main recommendations

The SAB range is efficient up to the point where lubrication is not required.

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