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Plus System ELM CR
Corrosion Resist

Plus System ELM CR

Most protected, compact linear actuator of the ROLLON range for humid environment


Actuator Line

50 65 80 110

The essential

  • The contraction “CR” stands for “Corrosion Resist” with internal and external stainless steel components like bearings, linear guides, nuts, bolts and other parts
  • Movement provided by a linear guide with recirculating caged balls and a toothed belt located inside the profile
  • Linear unit made to order with customized stroke
  • Technical file with calculation notice supplied on request
  • Suitable for configurations in which two units are mounted in parallel
  • To be reserved for moderate load cases with little overhang in single-axis configuration
  • Optional double carriage configuration driven by the same belt
  • Guide, belt and pulleys protected by a polyurethane protective belt guided by bearings
  • Profile can be pressurised with clean dry air to further improve the unit’s airtightness to the outside
  • Quick and easy mounting of the gear unit directly in the drive head by means of an expanding hub
  • Useful accessories: gearboxes and mounting kits, sensor support, synchronisation shaft

Technical data


Unit : mm
Profile width/height 50 x 50 65 x 65 80 x 80 110 x 110
Rail size 12 mini 15 20 25
Max. working stroke 3700 6000 6000 6000
Spécial Stroke 9000 11000 11000 11000
Maximum repeatability +/- 0,05 +/- 0,05 +/- 0,05 +/- 0,05


  • Gantry system 2X-Y-Z
X axis Y axis Z axis
2 x ELM 65 CR ROBOT 100 CR
2 x ELM 65 CR ROBOT 130 CR SC 65 CR
2 x ELM 80 CR ROBOT 130 CR SC 65 CR
2 x ELM 80 CR ROBOT 160 CR SC 130 CR
2 x ELM 110 CR ROBOT 160 CR SC 130 CR
2 x ELM 110 CR ROBOT 220 CR SC 160 CR

Please contact ROLLON for other axis combination requests

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